Bricklaying in Valeč – you do not get cold when working hard

DSCN2716During our first Weekend project in October, we headed to AREA Viva in Karlovy Vary region. We slept in a yurt, cooked lunch and dinner in the local field kitchen all surrounded by so much of sheep. It was really cold weather, but we were working really hard, so we did not mind and enjoyed a lot of fun! Vojta and Markéta showed us what social farming is and told us about their awesome projects and a festival they do. Not only talked we about the life in the eco-farm, we tried to do some practical tasks ourselves, too – such as making a soil building surface, milking and processing of the sheep meat. We improved the kitchen with a new wind-proof wall, plastered a chimney and repaired storage and so we could spend such a nice time with coffee and food there even though the weather was really tough. Thanks for your participation, it was very nice to see you all and to work with you as well. It was just amazing!
Have a look at our Facebook photo album for more pictures.


We are looking forward to your participation next time! : )

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