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Petr Semkin

I learned about TamJdem via word-of-mouth in summer’17. I liked the idea of weekend trips and did three in a row. Different places and activities but everytime enthusiastic people and new experience. Less general words, more examples! Used a sleeping... Číst dál

Miroslava Vitásková

I was lucky enough to get the chance to spend three wonderful months as a volunteer in Georgia. I wanted to keep volunteering even after my return and that was when I came across Tamjdem. When time allows me I... Číst dál

Iga Kurkowska

Cześć! You may think it is hard to pronounce the word which you can see at the beginning of this text. Well, I am here to help you! I like the feeling of being useful for a good reason, this... Číst dál

Nikola Bláhová

I found out about volunteering year and a half ago when my friend told me about it. I wanted to go abroad, but not to a workcamp, because I did not have enough time. So I looked for something shorter,... Číst dál

Michal Jána

I came across Tamjdem about a year ago thanks to a bookmark in a book from a library. I enjoy a lot the Weekends, it is great to meet nice people and stretch one’s body degenerated by sitting at a... Číst dál

Debora Kálalová

Like most of things, I came across TAMJDEM by accident. And I’m so glad for it! A place where I can work in fresh air, where I am with people who share the passion for helping others, is where I... Číst dál

Petr Vrchota

I have always been deeply interested in the public sphere and in actively participating in its development. I consider myself to be a curious person who makes efforts to give questions and find their anwers. Volunteering plays an integral part in... Číst dál

Anna Swetnik

There are already 4 years gone, but I still very well remember my first Tamjdem experience; I was an EVS volunteer and enjoyed many nice moments in Prague and travels around the Czech Republic, but no doubt Tamjdem weekend was... Číst dál

Tomas Prochazka

My first event with Tamjdem was two years ago in the Valdštejn lodge. I would not have thought of coming to this magical place myself before. Since then, I have been going to similarly interesting places in this piece of... Číst dál

Tereza Ochotna

The really great things in my life often happen like this: I wake up in the morning and say, “Yes, I want to try this.” And it was the same in this case, so TAMJDEM will probably be a great... Číst dál

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