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Eliška Burdová

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Karolína Durdová

Volunteering has been an integral part of my life for about ten years. I participated in workcamps, was a volunteer coordinator and thanks to Tamjdem, I fell in love with Víkendovky. It does not matter if I volunteer in China, Spain, Thailand... Číst dál

Vilena Taraskina

I like to help, to get to know different people and to discover myself. Volunteering makes me happy.... Číst dál

Barbora Nosková

Few years ago I started my volunteering journey and since then I haven’t stopped. Back then, little did I know that volunteering will change my life in so many ways! Most of all, I learnt that volunteering is not only... Číst dál

Lukáš Machula

While studying at the University of Economics, I have occasionally felt that all students are like a herd of the same (and indeed non-name) sheep. Maybe that is why I decided to travel in the summer of 2012 for my... Číst dál

Alexandra Wedl

First time I met with Tamjdem was many years ago, when I did my European Voluntary Service in Brno. Back then it was a great way to explore places in Czech Republic. Now, when I became more involved, I learned... Číst dál

Marie Makovská

Everything that I do is around people, children, nature, and health…which is giving me tons of energy. My biggest goal if lifelong career and personal development, that I will be enjoying the same way as I am now. Volunteering gives... Číst dál

Zuzana Fišerová

Volunteering is a heart issue for me. For the first time, I started to volunteer at the age of fourteen, and the passion for it keeps me constantly. Thanks to volunteering, I realized where I wanted to go to college,... Číst dál

Barbora Kvasničková

Tamjdem is for me the place for endless growth and inspiration. It is also a great hidden office. I like to seek the purpose of everything that I do, and even though my work in here has just started, it... Číst dál

Bára Matějčková

I met with Tamjdem this year on a foreign workcamp in Spain. It was very beautiful and unforgettable experience which showed me the unknown page of the world. Helping people around us and because of that having a good sense of... Číst dál

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