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Anička Černá

I am an active woman and I have been living with my family in a large housing estate in Prague for over 10 years. I have been volunteering for 6 years in various projects – now also as an organizer... Číst dál

Jitka Mertlíková

My whole personal and professional life is connected to learning new things, volunteering and creating meaningful activities. I discovered Tamjdem few years ago, from a position of a partner organization. I was following their activities from afar and this year... Číst dál

Magda Hubená

It’s great to have the opportunity to help nonprofit organizations in weekend events at Tamjdem. And it is also a way to broaden your horizons. Whether it’s getting to know new people or places, everyone, whether the organizer or the... Číst dál

Petra Hegedűšová

I like to discover new things, places, meet inspirational people and learn new things. All of it and much more I received by volunteering in Tamjdem. It makes me happy to help those in need and I am glad that there are... Číst dál

Jana Šmatová

I am an adult with a child’s soul. I do not make much difference whether I do the project as a volunteer or as a leader. In short, I try to do things that I enjoy, cause then I usually get... Číst dál

Robby Kubáň

... Číst dál

Michal Novák

Tamjdem fascinates me with its ability to deliver win-win situation for everyone. Its events are beneficial for other non-profits, participants, organizers, revitalized objects and environment while nobody loses anything. I like exploring places where I wouldn’t usually travel because of... Číst dál

Véronique Lowther-Harris

What I absolutely adore about Tamjdem is that you can help various other NGOs. Each event is different, but the important things remain – amazing participants, relaxed atmosphere and shared enthusiasm to help others. I like that you don’t have... Číst dál

Láďa Hencl

During my wanderings, I often find interesting places and encounter different enthusiasts trying to make our world more beautiful. When I was looking for possibilities of getting more involved, I found Tamjdem. I have tried it for several times, and... Číst dál

Libor Marek

Volunteering is probably the best way to discover the remote corners of Czech republic and other countries, meet friends, get to know interesting people, gain new experience, or just do something for your own well-being, society and nature… I’m already... Číst dál
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