Autumn weekend in Neratov with NYU

We spent the last weekend of October in our beloved Neratov. In total 9 volunteers, 5 of them being from NYU Prague, helped in this organization that has managed to build sheltered housing and workshops in the Eagle Mountains and... Číst dál

Fun and cleaning on Island of nature

5 children, 4 adults and 47 hours of voluntary work – it was a weekend full of volunteering, chilren’s laughter and fun. We were happy to return to Ostrov přírody once again. And so, on Friday evening, our volunteers were... Číst dál

One day at Kuchyňka

As the greatest challenge of the day, we can boldly mark the search for a community garden. This was not only the participants but also the organizer’s highlight. 🙂 So we were gathering for about an hour. The welcoming and... Číst dál

Protecting nature and butterflies in Votice

On the last nice autumn days in October we headed to the organization Ochrana Fauny, for a weekend in the name of nature protection. Our international group of volunteers did 70 hours of work throughout the weekend. Protection of the... Číst dál

Meditating all weekend while cutting the grass

On Friday, September 28, we began our journey from Prague Central Station to the valley of Moravian Karst, legendary place – Švýcárna . 10 volunteers took part in the Weekend and did 100 hours of volunteer work. After an adventurous... Číst dál

Wooden boards and Dixit in Children’s Villages

In the mid September, we’ve been heading to SOS Children’s villages once again, but this time in Brno. 8 volunteers have done 80 hours of voluntary work throughout the weekend. Weather, as usually in September, was pleasant so we’ve been... Číst dál

We showed some power in the mountains

Nine Tamjdem volunteers went to the organization Amrita for a unique Weekend trip – perhaps the noisiest, the deepest and the soberest TamJdem weekend trip ever! We’ve done 90 hours of voluntary work during these days. Amrita is an organization... Číst dál

Summer potatoe harvesting

The last weekend of this summer on 24th – 26th August was held at the Tabor Academy of Social Arts (Akademie sociálního umění Tabor).  The journey itself has made this weekend a great adventure – it all started with the intense rain which... Číst dál

Relaxed Weekend in retro style

Our first Weekend of the season was pretty unique in many ways. First of all, it was truly „mini“, covered not only in cobwebs,  but also filled with relaxed retro atmosphere of spa town and lots of goodness from the... Číst dál

One day at Toulcův dvůr!

On one beautiful, sunny Saturday morning in June, eleven eager volunteers met at the centre of Eco education, Toulcuv Dvur in Prague. This group of young people was pretty cosmopolitan – french, italian, russian, belorussian, czech and slovak volunteers came... Číst dál
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