Start of summer in Práh

29.6. - 1.7.2018

When Prague people come to Brno…well, that’s not the best beginning, but that’s how it went. 🙂

We arrived at the organization Práh an hour after the garden festival for volunteers was over (except for Matej, who apparently had a great time there), because we got confused with holiday time schedules of busses and waited at the wrong station. After shared dinner in the community garden (which we all envy!) we just moved some meters further to the fire place with some beer from the nearby pub, that for some reason took over an hour to catch. We had company by the volunteers/clients or volunteers/former clients and thanks to them broadened our horizon.

Saturday we worked, how else. The first hour we spent in the attic and appreciated the dust filters handed out to us, that we first made fun of. Then the guys went on to repair composters, while the girls got into some serious burning of woods from the fallen pine trees. In the afternoon we got creative when we sat down and finished the mosaic at the main entrance. Saturday evening got colorful, as there was the local fire brigades festival taking place, with a live brass band and most people dancing in folk costumes. The artistical part of volunteers decided to hold against with piano, guitar and singing and later with some rather loud games. No matter how loud the locals where, they didn’t succeed in waking us and full of strength the next morning we finished the seating under the pines (which means to be clear that mostly shovels, hacks and wheelbarrows full of clay where involved). The way back to Brno we managed this time at the first try, as the holiday time schedule was now in place and we where already prepared. We got done a lot of work, we all will remember the maypole and the firemen, the incredible nice local volunteer coordinators, the walk around nature and the tiny delay we had before that, because… Well, you should ask about that at one of the next weekends or workcamps in Práh!

Thanks for the joint efforts and the time spent together!

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