Above the horses in Dolní mlýn

22. - 24.6.2018

We woke up in the hayloft, slept right over the horse stable. It was cold, but we made it!

Early in the morning, we slipped out of our sleeping bags to help Mrs Milada clean the surroundings and prepare the traditional crafts celebration. We were raking the hale, sweeping and preparing benches, tables, stands, podium. It took us some time to do it, we worked like crazy, but together we did everything well and so we could finally enjoy the whole ceremony – some of us even put on traditional costumes!
We saw a fashion show of women’s costumes from the times of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, we listened to miller’s songs and we learnt how to weave, to knit wicker cups, to dress gingerbread or to make decorations from the Vizovice dough. We ended the day with a bonfire. We were sitting around, and we were listening to a live music which was played by locals, and Mrs. Milada told us some stories about the history of the mill. I think every one of us, fell asleep fast that night. It was so beautiful, but a very long day. In the next morning, with the same effort as before, we dug out of our warm sleeping bags. We cleaned up after the festival, took a walk, and after lunch, we went to a church of St. John the Baptist. The guide even left us to ring at the church bells!

Well, as is told in Czech Republic “The bell rang and the weekend was over”. 

Thanks to all the volunteers for a great deal of work done!

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