Weekend expeditions to help Czech NGOs - travel, connect and see what it's all about.


A week or two of volunteering with people from all over the world - in the Czech Republic or abroad.

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Book bazars, action days and creative workshops coming soon!


Projects and training for EVS volunteers.

Happy new year!

Happy new year!

We would like to thank our volunteers and partners for their support and energy at the projects in 2016. We wish them a great new year… happiness and joy at …  Read more

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DO NOT MISS APPLICATION DEADLINES FOR OUR PROJECTS IN 2017 The Weekends will start again in March 2017 and the international database of workcamps will offer the highest amount of …  Read more

Celebrate the volunteers´ year 2016 with us!

Celebrate the volunteers´ year 2016 with us!

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Dear volunteers and friends of Tamjdem, we cordially invite you to celebrate this year´s volunteering in a Christmasy atmosphere   on 14th December 2016 at 19 o´clock at Studio ALTA …  Read more

Upcoming events

  • Víkendovky začnou opět od března a mezinárodní workcampová databáze nabídne největší výběr projektů zhruba od poloviny února. Přihlaš se k odběru newsletteru a nepropásni žádnou akci, která tě zajímá.

Tamjdem – opportunities for people with a taste for adventure!

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization that supports Czech and international voluntary work.

  • We believe in volunteering as an opportunity for self-development and a chance to gain new experiences,
  • we support volunteering as one of the ways of taking part in the development of the civic society, strengthening and carrying out its values,
  • as Tamjdem we bring together volunteers from Czech Republic and abroad,
  • we give opportunities to connect with locals, explore the Czech civil society and travel around and beyond the Czech Republic.

Since 2013 we organize:

  • weekend volunteering projects to help Czech non-profit organizations (Víkendovky),
  • longer volunteering events in Czech Republic with international participants (Workcampy) and we send volunteers abroad.

Volunteer weekends: Markéta Votavová – vikendovky@tamjdem.cz
Workcamps: Andrea Longinová – workcampy@tamjdem.cz

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Genius Loci Sudslava

Civic association Genius Loci Sudslava was established in 2010 and since this time it strives for the restoration of the culturally significant historical building – the former presbytery in Sudslava. In addition, this association help to protect other important cultural buildings and monuments in the Pardubice area. The aim of this association is also to...  Read more

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People in Tamjdem

Anna Swetnik

It was already 4 years ago but I still very well remember my first Tamjdem; I was an EVS volunteer and enjoyed many nice moments in Prague and travels around CR, but no doubt Tamjdem weekend was one of the highlights of this year. Every time I help to organize Tamjdem it is...  Read more

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