Weekend expeditions to help Czech NGOs - travel, connect and see what it's all about.


A week or two of volunteering with people from all over the world - in the Czech Republic or abroad.

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Book bazars, action days and creative workshops coming soon!


Projects and training for EVS volunteers.

Experience the backstage of a fairytale festival! 3 days on the topic of CIRC!

Experience the backstage of a fairytale festival! 3 days on the topic of CIRC!

One of the first September Weekends will be really unusual! Not only will it start ON THURSDAY but on top of that, it will take place in a MAGICAL CIRCUS…!  Read more

The first summer Weekend project helped in a therapeutic garden in Brno

The first summer Weekend project helped in a therapeutic garden in Brno

The first summer Weekend project ever took place during the weekend of 5.- 8.7. We went to Brno association Práh that provides help and support to adults with severe mental …  Read more

Tamjdem/There we go for one day

Tamjdem/There we go for one day

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Working for free is not in vain! Come to Toulcuv dvur in Prague on 8th of May 2015 and volunteer for one day to support this idea, to support volunteering, …  Read more

Tamjdem – opportunities for people with a taste for adventure!

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization that supports Czech and international voluntary work.

  • We believe in volunteering as an opportunity for self-development and a chance to gain new experiences,
  • we support volunteering as one of the ways of taking part in the development of the civic society, strengthening and carrying out its values,
  • as Tamjdem we bring together volunteers from Czech Republic and abroad,
  • we give opportunities to connect with locals, explore the Czech civil society and travel around and beyond the Czech Republic.

Since 2013 we organize:

  • weekend volunteering projects to help Czech non-profit organizations (Víkendovky),
  • longer volunteering events in Czech Republic with international participants (Workcampy) and we send volunteers abroad.

Volunteer weekends: Markéta Votavová – vikendovky@tamjdem.cz
Workcamps: Andrea Longinová – workcampy@tamjdem.cz

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IC Petrovice u Karviné, z.s.

IC Petrovice u Karviné, z.s. is an NGO which is a connection of information centre for youth and turistic information centre. The goal is not only to and over someinformation passively, but also to implement activities aimed to develop and improve the local community living, in which it works.They organize free time activities for kids...  Read more

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Teodora Patlejh

Mezi širým světem a světem každodennosti se u mne kdysi tyčila zeď z mléčného skla. Světy se jevily zdánlivě nepropojitelně a jeden z nich vždy působil jako vzdálený sen. Pár měsíců cestování a dobrovolničení se střídalo s pár měsíci očekávání dalších dobrodružství. A pak přišel Tamjdem! Kladivo, které prorazilo díru ve zdi, a oba světy  Read more

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