Where do we go?

For a weekend, a workcamp or other interesting project or event. Each time to help a different non-profit organization. With joy and enthusiasm to seek adventures and unique experiences.


Weekend expeditions to help Czech NGOs - with new people to new places.


One to three weeks on a volunteer project with the people from all over the world - in Czechia and abroad.

Other projects

Book bazars, action days and creative workshops coming soon!

Week of good deeds

Week of good deeds

other events
Do you think that there are many things wrong with this world, but people often prefer to ignore them and stay in their comfort zone? Let's change it!  Read more

There should be fun after work!

There should be fun after work!

other events
This year, we have helped more than 20 different non-profits, sent volunteers all around the world and organised multiple one day events. Now, after hundreds and thousands hours of work, …  Read more

Photo competition 2017

Photo competition 2017

What can you can experience on volunteer projects? Share your pictures and show the world that volunteering is worth a try! Not sure what kind of pictures we’re looking for? …  Read more

Upcoming events

Tamjdem – opportunities for people with a taste for adventure!

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization that supports Czech and international voluntary work.

  • We believe in volunteering as an opportunity for self-development and a chance to gain new experiences,
  • we support volunteering as one of the ways of taking part in the development of the civic society, strengthening and carrying out its values,
  • as Tamjdem we bring together volunteers from Czech Republic and abroad,
  • we give opportunities to connect with locals, explore the Czech civil society and travel around and beyond the Czech Republic.

Since 2013 we organize:

  • weekend volunteering projects to help Czech non-profit organizations (Víkendovky),
  • longer volunteering events in Czech Republic with international participants (Workcampy) and we send volunteers abroad.

Volunteer weekends: Tereza Hacová – vikendovky@tamjdem.cz
Workcamps: Eva Perútková – workcampy@tamjdem.cz

Chcete Tamjdem podpořit? Darujte libovolnou částku

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Elementary school Olešnice

The elementary school and kindergarden in Olešnice (Blansko region) is an active school that educates its pupils not only through sitting at classes but also via free time activities. Each year at the beginning of holidays the school organizes a summer camp for children, for whom it is a unique opportunity to meet volunteers from...  Read more

Partner organizations

People in Tamjdem

Veronika Bachtikova

I have been working on various forms of volunteering for several years, and I can say that I enjoy it more and more! Whether it's about supporting and developing community activities, participating in international workcamps, a nine-month stay through the European Voluntary Service in Russia, or occasional help with sympathetic nonprofits. That is why it  Read more

A team of volunteers