Help with organizing European Youth games for the disabled in Brno

Organization of the 7th European Youth games for the disabled  in Brno would not be possible without the help of many volunteers!
#moveyourwing! and become part of the organizing team of this great international event. As a volunteer you can become a delegate of international sports teams, visitors´ assistant, sport assistant, team coordinator… !
The whole event is organized, and accommodation and food in the dates of 5.6. – 10.6. is provided by the organization called Emil Open!

Explore the volunteering possibilities

Do you want to move your life to a higher level? Go beyond borders, and not only those of the Czech Republic, but also those of your comfort zone! Join other volunteers from all around the world and help projects, which are trying to make this world a better place. Choose a workcamp according to your interests and start preparing for a summer that will change your life!

What are workcamps? Basically a two or three weeks long voluntary projects that take place in different countries (including the Czech Republic). They are projects where international volunteers meet, work, spend their free time and explore the surroundings together.

You can find all available projects in the international workcamp database and choose from projects which involve work with children, animals, restoration of historical sights or organizing festivals. And much more! Just have a look a see or yourself how many opportunities there are to do good. If you don’t want to go through all the projects, you can check out our suggestions below. And don’t forget to fill out the application when you find “the one”!

Help at Native American Reservation

USA, 4/6 – 22/6

Two Native American non-profit organizations have combined to create a project to bring some economic livelihood to this poor area. They are building a Center to realize the cultural knowledge of local people in agriculture. The job of the workcamp will be to help construct the infrastructure of the Center. This may involve helping develop the water supply for the Center as well as ordinary construction work.

Farming community in Northern Europe

Finland, 24/6 – 8/7

Get to know the first community supported agriculture project located close to Helsinki. As a volunteer, you will work on the field, and get a chance to leave stress and all your problems behind. And the best thing? You can bring your friends or children with you and show them that food actually doesn’t grow in supermarkets…

Village festival

Romania, 31/7 – 13/8

This project is an initiative of local enthusiasts who want to bring the world closer to the local youngsters, to strengthen their strive to get good education, give a chance to speak English, understand what is valuable in their village and create the vision of what it may become in the future. You will spend a lot of time with them, organize various trips, activities and workshops to help to achieve the goal.

Education Garden of Life

Austria, 14/6 – 30/6

Imagine a house surrounded by a beautiful landscape, where you can live, rest, meditate, do yoga or learn to play an instrument. And now imagine yourself going there in June to help with its maintenance, learn to make a mosaic, relax while gardening and meet both locals and international volunteers. Doesn’t it sound like a dream summer?

Permacultural park in Merboltice

Czech Republic, 3/6 – 10/6

There’s no need to travel thousands of miles in order to experience a great workcamp. You can find many of them in our country. For example, you can join us in the north of the Czech Republic and help with creating an edible permacultural park. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the environment, explore a new part of our homeland, meet other enthusiasts and spend a week surrounded by nature.

Are you in? Do you want to travel, meet exciting people and help others at the same time? Don’t hesitate, apply now and start packing, because the greatest summer is awaiting you!

There are hundreds of projects in the official database which you can choose from. If you get lost or need help with anything, just let us know at outgoing(at)

We’ll be looking forward to all applications!

One day at Toulcův dvůr!

On one beautiful, sunny Saturday morning in June, eleven eager volunteers met at the centre of Eco education, Toulcuv Dvur in Prague. This group of young people was pretty cosmopolitan – french, italian, russian, belorussian, czech and slovak volunteers came to help!

The day started with some „get-to-know-each-other“ games made by EVS volunteers from YEE – Coline and Cristian, so that we could remember each other’s names easily and know, whom are we gonna spend the day with. Then we met Vašek from Toulcuv Dvur, who explained everything about the work and not only – he was working with us all day too. So what did we actually do in there? One group of volunteers painted the wooden fence, one group was chopping the wood, and the rest of us was building a wood pile – the stock for three winters! Who was tired of wood, could rake the dry leaves and branches. Then we had a great lunch in the local canteen (which works as a social enterprise) and later that day, Vašek gave us a tour around the whole area, shared stories and explained a lot about the nature around. After the work was finally done, we had some refreshment and started the bonfire. We’ve grilled lots of delicacies, talked and mostly ate. The tiredness was real! 🙂 But all in all, Saturday at Toulcák was just wonderful.

Thanks to all the people involved, who came and worked hard – you were great!

Take a look at more pictures on our Facebook

Weekend with horses at Ryzáček!

Last weekend we – group of 9 volunteers – decided to help one lovely hippotherapy center called Ryzáček. After almost 3 hour train drive, we received a very warm welcome from both human and animal members of Ryzacek family 🙂

Having three men in our volunteer team, we were able to help also with some physically more challenging tasks which required a bit of manly strength. We painted a fence for small animals and pillars of a new shelter for horses, cleaned and repaired a floor in a hayloft, built last two stairs and unloaded almost 50 tons!!! of sand in the outdoor and indoor riding-school. Some sand was left also for a children’s sand pit and a playground. During entire weekend we cooked for ourselves. On Saturday we prepared a kettle sausage goulash and flower pancakes with a home-made marmalade for lunch. In the evening, we grilled sausages, cheese, stuffed potatoes and even plain bread over the campfire. To relax a bit and learn more about the Ryzáček, the owner – Mrs Alena prepared for us a nice presentation followed by the workshop where we could actually ride the horses on the freshly-prepared sand and experience what was presented to us. Because of the good weather, we slept in the hayloft overlooking the night sky.

All in all, during Ryzacek weekend we did a great deal of work with the family of Mrs. Alena from Ryzáček and our new animal friends, learned a lot about the horses and hippotherapy and had some good fun!

Thanks to all the volunteers!

Check out more photos in our Facebook album!

Festivals at the edge of the world!

What about combining helping others with having fun? The international workcamp database is full of festivals of all flavours and you still do not have all your plans for the summer set? All you need is to communicate in English, be older than 18 years old, take the courage you have and follow your nose. Nevertheless, sometimes is better to ask for directions, so here we come with a selection of our most popular festivals for you. Will they be your favourites as well?

Insomnia festival
Russian Federation, 07/14 – 07/29

The very first Russian non-commercial open-air animation festival is back. And guess who is given the opportunity to not only prepare it, but also take part in it!  You and the only illusions about this workcamp are going to in the sky. A part of the workcamp is also – apart from helping at the light festival 6-hour shift a day – visit of the Urga National park. The festival itself is held from the 19th to the 23th of July in the woods. Apparently, they are truly magical.

Tale Festival of Chiny- Festival du Conte de Chiny

Belgium, 07/07 – 07/21

The Youth centre of takes part in the organization of the Tale Festival of Chiny and your help is exactly what they need. Volunteers will learn about tales, traditional storytelling and about socio-cultural work in rural areas. Very tempting is also the location of the city itself. Chiny is close to the frontiers, found in beautiful nature and with a variety of cultural and sport activities. Almost too good to be true, right?

Nibe Festival Camp
Denmark, 07/25- 07/12

Some tents are still available! During the preparation, a big emphasis is placed on socialising, collaboration and building a strong team-spirit. That is possibly because music is much more enjoyable with friends than co-workers.

Did you like the concept of volunteering, or even one of the workcamps? Would you like to help with the preparation of some of the festival with the support of a non-profit organization? It is about the time! One click onto ENROLL can change much more than just upcoming holidays. Questions, confusion?

Feel free to email us on outgoing (at) at any time.

Volunteers’ journey to the medieval brewery

Meaningful work on renovating the classroom of „Pivonka school“, adrenaline ride on the back of an old-school pickup truck and tasting some special beer – those where just some of the highlights of our weekend on the beautiful site of the brewery in the tiny village of Chric in the forgotten region around Rakovnik.

„This train is ending here“. This announcement we heard several times during our 20min layover at Rakovnik train station on our way to Chric. We felt like at the end of the world, especially after getting out at the request-stop “Vsesulov” in the middle of wheat fields. But our group was looking forward to some “digital detox-time” apart from civilization. In the back of his van (the “beer express”) Mr. Jakubicek – benefactor, manager and beer lover all in one person – took us to the brewery Chric, which immediately impressed us. In the baroque buildings dating back to the year 1567, with the smell of malt and hop in the air, surrounded by the hills of this medieval village we soon after dinner fell asleep in our sleeping bags. On Saturday morning after breakfast we put on our working gloves and boarded the back of the old pickup truck. In this open air sightseeing vehicle we drove to our place of work – an old destroyed stone house, where our goal was to collect stones for the construction of the so called Great Wall of Chric. After lunch we went on with some cultural program – the consecration of a cross in the neighbor village. On the way back we decided to jump into Berounka River and wash off all the dust and dirt. Just right after we dived back into work to help with renovating the school, that Mr. Jakubicek recently started next to the brewery. We even managed to tear down the old chimney. In the evening we had a barbecue in the breweries garden, had some delicious sausages and even played some songs on the guitar. On Sunday we had another ride to the stones and continued with the renovation of the school.

We were surprised ourselves how much we managed to do in just 2 days. After the final feedback round we all returned satisfied to our homes. Chric and its excellent taste of beer will probably stay in all our hearts and on our tongues.

It was a great weekend, thanks to our volunteers for helping and their great company! : )

Check out more photos in our FB photo album.

Family time at Farma Naděje

Last Friday, we have arrived to Farma Naděje (Farm of Hope), with our little and adult volunteers, and the whole weekend was a bit “punk”.

Immediately after our arrival, we’ve received a very warm welcome by the farm owners – Marie and Jakub. Because of rain in the previous days, the land was muddy, so we quickly turned “barefoot”. Our stay at farm was enriched with the coexistence with farm animals, which had access almost everywhere. We even had to guard our bedroom before them. 🙂 Children and the community of people involved in the everyday life of the farm, also contributed to the cheerful mood. We helped to drill the holes in the ground and embed new wooden columns to build the fences. We’ve built a raised bed out of wood and compost and created a fireplace in the middle of the teepee. Children helped with wood collecting, fed the animals and enjoyed face painting and creating creative fashion outfits during their free time. We have also tried a great number of excellent vegan dishes, always as a large group feast, in a house or teepee. We’ve had a refreshing swim in the nearby pond and a trip to the woods, where children played the exercise of observation skills.

The Weekend was special in many ways and we are looking forward to the next weekends at Farma Naděje, as well as events with children. Thanks to all the volunteers, you were great! 🙂

Check out more pictures on our Facebook!

Discover a fairy tale mill!

promo4In June, we will go to a lovely Weekend in Dolní Mlýn (a mill which seems like from a fairytale), the last of the three Bíteš mills lying in the valley of the Bítýška river build in 1414! This mill is not just that common. It tries to maintain and restore traditional Czech crafts such as millerry, pottery or carpentry. And we are very excited to help this cool organization!

Get involved with us – help organize a traditional full-of-craft-activities day for children and adults and show everyone that millery is cool and in! Besides, you’ll have fun while doing some cleaning and restoring work. In the evenings, you will be able to sing at a campfire and in your free time to go to Šmelcovna nearby in the romantic valley of the White Stream or to the church in Bíteš.

IF YOU WISH TO APPLY, go on and complete this form!



The attendance fee is 300 CZK. What will this price cover?

  • food (except for the Friday dinner)
  • accommodation in a hunter’s cabin
  • ticket for traveling there with the whole group (from Prague)– We buy the tickets from the meeting point to the Weekend location, the rest of them will be reimbursed, you just need to keep your tickets
  • health and liability insurance
  • event organizing and other related costs
  • lots of fun, new friends and amazing experiences, which are priceless : )

Everybody pays his/her ticket for the way back. We advise you to always try to come to the group departure meeting and inform when the group returns, or at least try to travel with some of the people that will participate.

Check out all the terms and conditions for attending the meeting.


The participation fee of 300 CZK:

  • must be sent to our transparent bank account 2600956785/2010
  • the variable symbol for the payment is 132018
  • write your full name in the message for the recipient
  • we have to receive the payment within 3 working days starting with the day  we received your application
  • please read the cancellation policy carefully



MEETING POINT & TRANSPORT: We will meet at Florenc bus station in Prague at 16:20. We will take a bus at 16:35 from Prague to Jihlava arriving at 18:20 where we will change a bus at 18:40 arriving to Velká Bíteš at 19:44. There, somebody will pick us up or we will walk a bit through the city.

RETURN: Return to Prague is set at 15:05 arriving there at 18:20. In case somebody needs to be back home earlier, it is surely possible.

ADDRESS OF THE PROJECT: Velká Bíteš, Karlov 55 (Janovice)

ACCOMMODATION: This Weekend will be for not-from-sugar volunteers .. but we will enjoy it! We will be sleeping in one room with an entry from a ladder on our own sleeping pads and in sleeping bags. Alternatively, you can bring a tent or sleep in a hayloft!

There will be toitoi toilets and baths will be available on a Saturday / Sunday trip at the local swimming pool, where there are showers, otherwise there is a little creek near the mill where you can enjoy a beautiful bath – do not expect a warm shower a few steps from you warm bed! There is both electricity and WIFI (but perhaps we will not need it at all :)).

FOOD: On Friday evening, we will have our own dinner, so do not forget to bring some tasty food that we will share. The organization will arrange the food for the rest of the project. There is a shop nearby in case you need anything in emergency.

WHAT TO BRING: Take your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad, slippers, (head/hand) lamp, good WORK clothes that can get dirty (depends on weather) and WORK shoes. Also pack good mood, games and musical instruments (if you enjoy playing) and a dinner for Friday.

CONTACT: In case you have a question please contact the Weekend organizer Petr:, 722 006 552/734 423 724  or Zuzka:, 733 564 526.


We are looking forward to meeting you!


Children’s laughter at Venku

Last weekend we had one special weekend project for children and parents.

After more than half a year we returned to the magical, forest-covered Forest Kindergarten Venku. The weather was almost as in summer, but the tree have prepared a wonderful shadow for the whole weekend. We cleaned a lot of fallen leaves around the building and on the stairs and routes, collected a lot of branches in the woods, cleaned the fence from all the unnecessary vegetation, cut wood for heating in magnificent historic stove and more… We had a chance to get to know how the kindergarten works, how the kids (not only) love it and how parents help here in their free time and what excellent cakes (sweet and salty). We also tested a special ecological dry toilet. Children enjoyed not only work, but also all the beauty and opportunities to play in the kindergarten area and its surroundings. On Sunday we went to Střekov Castle, where we did a few “tricky” tasks. The fact that no one, especially children, wanted to go home, was more than clear. And parents are already thinking how to build a swing at home, which was clearly the biggest attraction all weekend.

Thank you very much for a lot of work and amazing moments!

Check out more photos in our Facebook album!

Asian holiday and much more!

Although it is still cold outside, some of us would love to see themselves already on holidays.  Ideally somewhere warm and away from home! It is time to set your priorities for summer 2018 and if you find a desire to help others and travel amongst them, it would be handy to know where to look for such places.

Our international workcamp database offers plenty of opportunities to use your time meaningfully while increasing your adrenaline in the blood! That’s why we have brought you this invitation to workcamps in the largest and most populous continent in the world. You just need to know how to communicate in English, be older than 18 or 20 years old, and not to be afraid of trying new things.


Global Citizenship Workcamp

China, Hong Kong 06/30 – 07/08

Would you want to work with children and become their instructor? With the method of non-formal education at this workcamp, the volunteers will learn new skills and, among them, how to teach children. In Hong Kong, they are looking for foreign enthusiasts to help children become creative, more social and leading beings. Setting up a motivational study program and workshops, adjusting to a new culture and sometimes even cooking – these are some of skills volunteers will get to explore. Also, part of the work camp is a visit to major secondary schools in the neighborhood children from the workcamp are attending. And what about you, do you dare to give it a try?


Japan 05/23 – 06/03

Only a few countries can offer you what Japan can. So why not take the opportunity to get to know the Japanese Islands – and the City of the 1998 Olympic Games – as a local and without having to master the language spoken. This workcamp is aimed to help an organic farm (with rice, vegetables and animals) and its surroundings. The main pride is the amazing views of the landscape that the resort will offer. The complex is also relatively isolated from the rest of the world and provides a completely new dimension of leakage from everyday reality.

Orphanage’s & Eco-farming

Mongolia 06/14 – 06/27 (destination requires personal meeting and a prior experience of the volunteer)

A typical Mongolian plain 45 km from the capital Ulaanbaatar, a group of people from all over the world and stunning views: all of this can be waiting for you! Sure, volunteers are supposed to primarily working at a vegetable farm, but there will be plenty of time to explore the local culture. English is all you need and once you put your hands to work, the orphanage’s farm will definitely appreciate it.

Teaching in Hometown of Panda

China, Hong Kong 07/18 – 07/27

Sucanuan culture (great food), issues of minorities and the environment – you will have the chance to get to know all of this on this trip. But it is also going to be the place where volunteers teach young students. Chinese is not a requirement for participation, so you can help children and expand their horizons in English! At the heart of Mount Siguniang National Park, UNESCO has been hoping to improve educational conditions since 2006. And they are waiting for you right now!

“Volunteers are not paid – not because they are valueless, but because they are invaluable.”

Do you like the concept of volunteering, or even one of the workcamps? Would you like to explore Asia with the support of a non-profit organization?  Places are waning and so are the days to holidays. Do not wait and ENROLL in time.

Questions, confusion? Feel free to email us on outgoing (at) at any time.